Our Catering & Functions

We'll make your occasion memorable

The La Cuccina catering division is all about creating awesome food for your event whether at your venue or when hiring one of our venues. We use great ingredients, creating simple, layered in flavour food, that speaks to the heart. We strive to serve food to be savoured and enjoyed at your special event, whilst you relax and enjoy your function.

What makes our food so special is that we work with small, local, artisan food producers. We source from our local beekeepers and meat curers to cheese makers and free-range chicken and egg farmers, who supplies us exclusively.

Share our sense of generosity, trust, passion and our love of what we do, with your guests. We can cater for any special occasion: weddings, birthdays or corporate events, in the comfort of your own home or at a venue of your choice.

We always aim to deliver food that looks good with exceptional flavours. We present and serve our food impeccably, creatively and with integrity.

Our cupboard is wide, our buffets and meals ever-changing, but our ethos of simple, wholesome, delicious and unpretentious, flavour filled food, remains the core from which all our creativity flows.

Our ingenuity does not stop with our delicious and gorgeous food but extends to the design and full coordination of your event. Let us know your theme, colours and ideas and we will take care of your entire function, whether it is a private or corporate event.


Please note: catering orders need to be placed 48 hours in advance.

Our Catering Menu

Choose what you would like and simply add to the cart, checkout and we will deliver.


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